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Trauma Informed Care training is a must for every staff member that has contact with an NDIS Participant.

Having staff trained in Trauma Informed Care greatly improves the quality of supports being delivered and assists with providing that all important Person Centred Care. Your staff are able to better understand and deal with reactions and behaviours which mitigates risk to not only the Participant but to the Staff themselves and to your Business!

Meet the NDIS Continued Improvement Regulations by completing this information packed training!

Understanding the effects trauma may have had on a persons life and how it impacts their daily life and interaction with others is essential in every area of service delivery to ensure we do not trigger them by our comments and actions, or cause more harm.  Our aim is to provide person centred care in an empathetic and compassionate way, so learning about trauma Informed Practice is crucial. It shifts the focus from “What's wrong with you?” to “What happened to you?” It helps workers better understand their Participants and their behaviours and provides tools and knowledge to be able to Listen ,Empathise and Validate when Participants are sharing their story.
Respect, Trust and Safety. These 3 key things are the foundation of a successful relationship between Participant and Provider, without which how can we possibly provide the best possible support to participants and ensure they are living their best possible life.

This training will provide your staff with valuable insight and knowledge to be able to support Participants and achieve better outcomes. Recommended for Management/Administration staff and all frontline staff.


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